Bill Summary for S 105 (2021-2022)

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Jun 24 2021
S.L. 2021-180

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Senate Bill 105 (Public) Filed Wednesday, February 17, 2021
Intro. by B. Jackson, Harrington, Hise.

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Bill summary

Senate amendments make the following changes to the 2nd edition.

Part II.

Section 2.2

Amendment #1 adds to the list of "other adjustments to availability" $31,305,584 for the disproportionate share transfer in both fiscal years 2021-22 and 2022-23.

Part III.

Section 3.1

Amendment #4 increases the recurring funds in the amount specified for each year of the biennium set forth for the construction category under the Division of Highways provided in the schedule for the appropriations from the State Highway Fund for the maintenance and operation of the Department of Transportation. Decreases recurring funds in the same amount specified for each year of the biennium set forth for the maintenance category under the Division of Highways provided in the schedule. Makes conforming changes. 

Part IX-D.

Section 9D.6

Amendment #1 increases the amount that for the 2022-23 fiscal year the Department of Health and Human Services must deposit from its revenues with the Department of State Treasurer to be accounted for as nontax revenue from $146,740,000, to $153,805,584 (these deposits, along with the amount for 2021-22, represent the return of advanced General Fund appropriations, nonfederal revenue, fund balances, or other resources from State-owned and State-operated hospitals that are used to provide indigent and nonindigent health care services).

Section 9D.15

Amendment #1 makes a clarifying change.

Part XI.

Section 11.10

Amendment #1 amends the definition of local government unit in GS 143B-472.127A, for the purposes of the Site Development Revolving Loan Fund, to now mean a county with total employment of less than 500,000 or one of the following located therein: (1) a city, as defined in the specified statute or (2) a consolidated city-county, as defined in the specified statute (was, defined as any of the following located in a county with total employment of 115,000 or more: (1) a city, as defined in the specified statute, (2) a county, or (3) a consolidated city-county, as defined in the specified statute). 

Part XII.

Section 12.13

Amendment #1 no longer makes the $5 million grant to Holly Springs for water and sewer infrastructure projects conditional upon Wake County paying the matching funds; instead makes the grant contingent upon the payment of the matching funds generally, not specifying who must pay the matching funds.


Section 14.5

Amendment #2 revises the allocation of the funds appropriated to the Parks and Recreation Trust Fund for the 2021-22 fiscal year to include the following in the place of $975,000 previously allocated to provide a grant to MountainTrue for seven specified projects. Allocates specified amounts to the following entities for seven specified projects, totaling $975,000: the Blue Ridge Conservancy, the Green River Access Inc., the Blue Ridge Resource Conservation and Development Council, the Town of Bryson City, the Town of Andrews, the City of Shelby, and the Friends of Ecusta Trail Inc.

Part XXVI.

Section 26.1

Amendment #3 eliminates the content of Section 26.1, which directed the State Board of Elections to develop a plan to phase out time-limited full-time positions that are currently funded with the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) and other federal funds, except the Chief Information Security Officer, and required the State Board report to the NCGA on the phase-out.


Section 38.1

Amendment #1 amends the definition of eligible economically distressed area as it applies in the Growing Rural Economies with Access to Technology program, to now be a county designated as a development tier one or tier two area, as defined in GS 143B-437.08, or a rural census tract, as defined in GS 143B-472.127, in any other county with total employment of less than 500,000, as of January 1, 2020, as measured pursuant to GS 143B-437.52(c)(3), (was, as measured pursuant to GS 143B-437.52(c)(3), are not eligible).

Part XL.

Section 40.6

Amendment #1 amends the Department of Administration's powers and duties over examination and approval of all plans and specifications for the construction or renovation of community college buildings to include those requiring the estimated expenditure of public money for construction or repair work for which public bidding is required under GS 143-129 of $2 million or more (was, or less) prior to the awarding of a contract for the work.

Part XLI.

Section 41.2

Amendment #4 revises the criteria that must be followed by the newly created Budget Section of the Fiscal Management Division of the Department of Transportation in reorganizing the Department's budget. Replaces the criteria requiring the elimination of Field Codes and the assignment of the complete personal services budget to the organizational Fund Code unit. Instead, directs the Department to work with its accounting system vendor to develop a report to depict the funding and cost associated with the Intermodal, Rail, Aviation, Ferry, and Highways divisions, to be generated by Department employees, employees of the Office of State Budget and Management, or the Fiscal Research Division. Requires the report to include the Certified and Authorized budgets and expenditures and group funding codes associated with specific programs to ensure transparency with associated activities. 

Section 41.8

Amendment #4 deletes the content of Section 41.8, which directed the Division of Motor Vehicles to expand Saturday operating hours at one driver's license office in the nine most populous counties in the state for 2021-23, with quarterly reporting on the pilot.

Section 41.16

Amendment #4 makes a technical change to direct the Department of Transportation to reclassify vacant positions (rather than 11 vacant positions), with reclassification of up to four full-time equivalent (FTE) positions in the Office of Civil Rights, and up to seven FTE positions in the Purchasing Division to manage the procurement and contractual needs of the Department.

Makes conforming changes.