Check this page often for updates on legislative happenings and alerts about the Daily Bulletin and bill digests.
  • The House and Senate have elected and appointed the following officers for the 2021-22 biennium. 

    Speaker—Rep. Tim Moore

    Speaker Pro Tem—Rep. Sarah Stevens

    Majority Leader—Rep. John Bell, IV

    Deputy Majority Leader—Rep. Brenden Jones

    Majority Whip—Rep. Jon Hardister

    Conference Chair—Rep. John Szoka

    Deputy Conference Chairs—Rep. Timothy Moffitt, Rep. Jason Saine, Rep. Matthew Winslow

    Democratic Leader—Rep. Robert Reives, II

    Deputy Democratic Leader—Rep. Gale Adcock

    Democratic Whips—Rep. Deb Butler, Rep. Susan Fisher, Rep. Amos Quick III, Rep. Raymond Smith, Jr.

    Principal Clerk—James White

    Sgt. At Arms—Larry Elliot

    Reading Clerk—Reggie Sills



    President Pro Tempore--Sen. Phil Berger

    Deputy President Pro-Tempore--Sen. Ralph Hise

    Majority Leader--Sen. Cathy Harrington

    Majority Whips--Sen. Tom McInnis, Sen. Jim Perry

    Caucus Chair-- Sen. Carl Ford

    Minority Leader--Sen. Dan Blue

    Minority Whip--Sen. Jay Chaudhuri

    Caucus Chair--Sen. Valerie Foushee

    Caucus Secretary--Sen. Ben T. Clark

    Principal Clerk--Sarah Holland 

    Sergeant-at-Arms-- Robert (Bob) Myrick 

  • The House and Senate are holding no-votes sessions the week of September 22; regular voting sessions are expected to resume on Monday, September 30. 

  • We are excited to announced that legislative summaries prepared by the School of Government’s Legislative Reporting Service (LRS) are now available for free.The LRS prepares neutral, nonpartisan digests for bills and legislative actions for each legislative day, including:

    • filed bills
    • committee substitutes and amendments
    • floor amendments
    • conference reports

    LRS digests will be available through two different websites – and The LRS website, which is hosted by the UNC School of Government, will include not only all of the digests but also:

    ·         The Daily Bulletin:  A compilation of digests prepared each legislative day.

    ·         My Bills:  A “folder” to store all bills of interest to you.

    ·         My Monitors: A tool that allows you to keep track of all bills that include proposed changes in subject areas of interest to you.

    Digests and the Daily Bulletin will be available to any visitor to the site. In order to have access to the extra features - “My Bills” folder and “My Monitors” – you will need to set up a free account. 

    The digests will also be available for free on the General Assembly’s website ( LRS digests will appear alongside summaries written by legislative staff. There are two keyways that the LRS digests differ from those written by legislative staff members:

    • With the exception of the Appropriations Act, LRS staff summarizes bills as they are filed instead of summarizing only those bills that are before a committee.
    • LRS digests highlight changes made to a bill during a committee rather than explaining the legislation in its entirety.

    Taken together, the summaries from legislative staff and LRS can help you understand what a bill does and how it has changed during legislative deliberations.

    To set up a free account to access the extra features (My Bills and My Monitors), please visit the LRS website. On the right hand side of the page there is a link to Create a New Account. From there, you can set up your user name and account info, verification email, and password. Existing subscribers will need to reset their password in order to continue accessing their My Bills and My Monitors. A link to reset your password is located under the login box on the LRS homepage. 

  • The House and Senate adjourned the January/February reconvened session on February 13, 2018. They are set to convene the 2018 Short Session on May 16, 2018; we will resume regular publication at that time.

  • The House and Senate are holding no-vote sessions on Friday, 06/16/17. It is possible that the conference report for S257 Appropriations Act of 2017 will be reported in during that time; however, we will not be summarizing the conference report. We will resume regular publication on Monday 06/19/17.

  • The House of Representative has elected and appointed the following officers for 2017-18:

    Speaker of the House: Rep. Moore

    Speaker Pro Tempore of the House: Rep. Stevens

    House Principal Clerk: James White

    House Sergeant-at-Arms: Garland Shepherd

    Rules Chairman: Rep. Lewis

    The Senate has elected and appointed the following officers:

    President Pro Tempore: Sen. Berger

    Deputy President Pro Tempore: Sen. Pate

    Senate Principal Clerk: Sarah Lang

    Senate Sergeant-at-Arms: Philip King

  • Due to the holiday weekend, the House and Senate are holding skeleton sessions on Friday, May 27 and are not meeting on Monday, May 30. We will not be publishing a Daily Bulletin on May 27 or 30. We will resume publication on Tuesday, May 31.

  • The NCGA will convene, by joint proclamation, for a second Extra Session on March 23, 2016, at 10 am. The session is being convened to consider bills to provide for single sex multiple occupancy bathroom and changing facilities and to create consistency across the state in regulating employment and public accommodations. The proclamation is available here:

  • The Governor has called an Extra Session for the purpose of redrawing Congressional districts. The 2016 Extra Session will convene on February 18, 2016, at 10 am. You can view the proclamation here.

  • Please note: because Monday is a holiday and the House is holding a no-vote session, we will not publish on Monday. Publication will resume on Tuesday, September 8.

  • A new website feature allows you to delete bills from previous sessions that you have tracked in your My Bills folder and My Bills subfolders. In order to clear those folders of outdated bills, select My Bills from your subscriber menu. You will now see an option under My Bills on the subscriber menu that says  “My Bills reset”. Selecting My Bills reset will show you a list of bills that will be deleted and ask you to confirm before actually making the deletion. Please note that the purpose of this option is to allow you to clear out bills that you were tracking in previous sessions; it will not delete bills that you have added to your My Bills folder for 2015-16.

  • The House of Representative has elected and appointed the following officers for 2015:

    Speaker of the House: Rep. Moore

    Speaker Pro Tempore of the House: Rep. Stam

    House Principal Clerk: Denise Weeks

    House Sergeant-at-Arms: Garland Shepherd

    Rules Chairman: Rep. Lewis

    The Senate has elected and appointed the following officers:

    President Pro Tempore: Sen. Berger

    Deputy President Pro Tempore: Sen. Louis Pate

    Senate Principal Clerk: Sarah Lang

    Senate Reading Clerk: Lee Settle

    Senate Sergeant-at-Arms: Philip King

  • The 2014 Index of Legislation is now available at:

  • Please join faculty and staff from the School of Government for two legislative update webinars designed to highlight the most significant pieces of legislation that will affect local governments. Webinars will take place September 3 and September 9. For more information, including agendas and registration information, see:

  • We will not publish on days that the House and Senate hold skeleton sessions; we will resume publication on the next legislative day that votes are taken. In the event of a prolonged period of skeleton sessions, we may publish sporadically to provide enacted bill updates.

  • The House and Senate are both scheduled to hold skeleton sessions on July 7, 2014, so we will not be publishing on that day. Publishing will resume on Tuesday, July 8.

  • The PDF version of the June 5, 2014, Daily Bulletin has been update to correct an error in the Action on Bills.

  • We will not publish during the scheduled skeleton sessions or on the Memorial Day Holiday; publication will resume on May 27.

  • We are excited to announce that beginning with the 2014 legislative session, the following new features are available on the Legislative Reporting Service website:

    • Organize your favorite bills in new “My Bills” subfolders. You can label the subfolders by visiting “My Preferences.”
    • Perform customized searches with our enhanced search tool. You can establish up to 8 monitors at a time. See “My Monitors” for more information.
    • Quickly access session laws.
    • Easily view your account on mobile devices with our new optimized mobile display.
  • 2013 long session subscriptions to the Legislative Reporting Service/Daily Bulletin online expire December 31, 2013. Renew today, so you don’t lose access to this valuable resource!

    You may subscribe to the 2014 short session by visiting the following website:

    Those eligible for discounted rates will remain eligible for those discounts in 2014. If you need assistance in renewing your subscription, please contact the School of Government’s Bookstore at 919.966.4119.


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