The Legislative Reporting Service website provides immediate access to the daily business of the North Carolina General Assembly. This robust online tool replaces the School’s traditional Daily Bulletin.

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Benefits of Subscribing to LRS

  • Access summaries of every filed bill, amendment, committee substitute, and conference report
  • Access daily summaries in a report that replicates the Daily Bulletin
  • Access summaries for bills on each day’s House and Senate calendars
  • Search for bill summaries according to subject matter categories
  • Monitor selected bills through the “My Bills” feature
  • Create reports tailored to individual interests
  • Gain additional insight into legislation through commentary by School of Government faculty and staff
  • Have access to an electronic version of the Index of Legislation at the end of the legislative sessionwhich includes a cumulative report of the status of all bills.

Since 1935, the Legislative Reporting Service has produced the Daily Bulletin and other publications to inform government officials and citizens about the status and content of North Carolina legislation.