About the Legislative Reporting Service

The Daily Bulletin

For more than 80 years, the School of Government’s Legislative Reporting Service has informed local governments, state agencies, and North Carolina citizens about the status and content of North Carolina legislation.

The centerpiece of the Legislative Reporting Service since 1935, the Daily Bulletin has traditionally been published at the end of each day the General Assembly is in session.

Beginning with the 2013 legislative session, the Daily Bulletin is now contained within the new Legislative Reporting Service website. As with the Daily Bulletin, the new website contains a digest of every bill introduced and every amendment, committee substitute, and conference report adopted. In addition, site visitors can easily search for bill digests, monitor bills through the “My Bills” feature, and create personalized reports. At the end of the legislative session, listserv subscribers will also receive the Index of Legislation, which includes a cumulative report of the status of all bills.

End of Session Analyses

School of Government faculty members and professional staff produce materials and summaries concerning legislation enacted by the General Assembly affecting areas of public law and government that are of special concern to state and local government officials. These summaries are organized according to subject area and are all found on the legislative summaries page beginning with the 2009 session. Summaries for the 1955-2008 legislative sessions were previously published as North Carolina Legislation.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Daily Bulletin, the Legislative Reporting Service website, or our end of session legislative summaries, please contact us at 919-733-2484.