Bill Summary for H 911 (2021-2022)

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Aug 5 2021

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House Bill 911 (Public) Filed Monday, May 10, 2021
Intro. by Riddell, Bradford, Moffitt, Yarborough.

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Bill summary

House committee substitute makes the following changes to the 2nd edition.

Section 7

Eliminates the proposed changes to Article 17, Dispensing Opticians, of GS Chapter 90. Makes conforming organizational changes to renumber the remaining sections of the act.

Section 9

Modifies the proposed changes to the sensitive security information excluded from public records under GS 132-1.7. Now adds to the exclusion for information containing specific details of public security plans and arrangements or the detailed plans and drawings of public buildings and infrastructure facilities to explicitly include detailed plans and drawings contained in (was, contained in or capable of being produced from) information storage systems or geographic information system databases. Revises the new exclusion, providing that specific engineering, vulnerability, or detailed design information about proposed or existing critical infrastructure, whether physical or virtual, for any of the following are not public record: (1) the production, generation, transmission, or distribution of energy and (2) the transmission or distribution of water (was, the treatment, transmission, or distribution of water). No longer includes in the new exclusion specific engineering, vulnerability, or detailed design information about proposed or existing critical infrastructure, whether physical or virtual, for the outfall, collection, or treatment of wastewater. 

Adds a new directive requiring the Joint Legislative Commission on Governmental Operations to evaluate existing public records laws concerning vulnerabilities that might exist with respect to public utilities, critical infrastructure, and cybersecurity, and report to the 2022 Regular Session of the NCGA on or before its convening. 

Adds the following new content.

Section 10

Amends GS 90-264 to specify that Article 36, governing massage and bodywork therapists, does not prohibit or affect national certified reflexologists engaged in the practice of reflexology, or an individual who is a reflexology student working to obtain certification under the supervision of a certified reflexologist, as described. Defines reflexology

Section 11

Eliminates the proposed revisions to the powers of the Environmental Management Commission under GS 143-215.111 regarding the power of the Commission to establish notice, comment, and hearing procedures related to application for permits required by Title V and implementing regulations adopted by the EPA. Instead, provides the following content in Section 11.

Amends GS 90-187.8, regarding the NC Veterinary Medical Board's authority to discipline licensees. Specifies that the Board can also impose and collect civil penalties of up to $5,000 per violation of the Article or rules adopted thereunder from a veterinary facility permittee (previously, only explicitly provided for penalties from a licensee).