Bill Summary for H 366 (2021-2022)

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Jul 21 2021

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House Bill 366 (Public) Filed Tuesday, March 23, 2021
Intro. by Yarborough, Bradford, Moffitt, Riddell.

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Bill summary

Senate amendments make the following changes to the 4th edition.

Amendment #1 does the following.

Section 4

Changes the effective date of the proposed changes to GS 159G-23, regarding priority consideration for loans or grants from the Wastewater Reserve or the Drinking Water Reserve, from August 1, 2021, to September 1, 2021. 

Sections 9 and 10

Deletes the content of previous Section 9, which amended GS 42-46 regarding authorized late fees and eviction fees in residential rental agreements, and Section 10, which enacted GS 42-14.5 and amended GS 42-39 and GS 72-1 regarding transient occupancies.

Section 12

Changes the effective date of the proposed changes to GS 18B-800, GS 18B-1001, and GS 18B-1105, as well as the directive to the ABC Commission to amend its rules consistent with the proposed changes, to September 1, 2021 (was, August 1, 2021).

Amendment #2 does the following.

Section 8A

Revises new GS 58-1-2 to deem secondary sources on insurance not authoritative on the law or public policy of the State. Makes changes to refer to secondary sources rather than a statement or restatement of law throughout.

Amendment #3 adds new Section 12.5 as follows.

Amends GS 143-139 to add to the duties of the Insurance Commissioner the duty to develop eligibility criteria for and procedures to conduct certain inspections required by the State Building Code as remote inspections, defined as an inspection of the manner of construction for Code compliance that an inspector conducts by either interactive real-time audio and video communication with a permit holder, or a review of an electronic video recording submission by a permit holder. Makes conforming changes to GS 160D-1104 to refer to an inspection rather than an inspection visit. 

Effective January 1, 2022, enacts GS 160D-1104.1 to require inspection departments to implement remote inspection procedures in accordance with the criteria and procedures developed by the Insurance Commissioner. Requires inspection departments to provide the option to elect remote inspections for a project to a building permit applicant, and to specify the extent to which a project is eligible for remote inspections at the time of building permit issuance.