Bill Summary for S 126 (2021-2022)

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Jun 24 2021

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Senate Bill 126 (Public) Filed Tuesday, February 23, 2021
Intro. by Sawyer, Perry.

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Bill summary

House amendment to the 3rd edition adds the following content. 

Amends GS 63A-3 to allow a designee of the President of the NC System of Community Colleges, a designee of the UNC President, a designee of the Commissioner of Agriculture, and a designee of the Secretary of the Department of Commerce to serve in lieu of the named Presidents, Commissioner, and Secretary on the Board of Directors of the NC Global Transpark Authority. 

Repeals GS 115D-2.1, which creates the 21-member State Board of Community Colleges. Enacts GS 115D-2.2 to establish the 22-member State Board of Community Colleges (State Board), with provisions largely overlapping the provisions of now repealed of GS 115D-2.1, as follows. Details membership and terms, including four ex-officio members (previously the Commissioner of Labor or the Commissioner's designee was not included in the State Board's ex-officio membership), four at large members appointed by the Governor, one member each appointed by the Governor for the six Trustee Association Regions, and eight at large members elected by the NCGA. Provides for legislative election of members in odd-numbered years, and for filling vacancies of members legislatively elected. Details a process for legislative removal of a member upon receipt of a referral from the State Ethics Commission. Bars appointment or election for more than two consecutive terms of four years, not including partial terms to fill a vacancy. Bars the following from serving on the Board: legislators, State officers and employees, and officers and employees of an institution under the jurisdiction of the State Board; spouses of legislators, officers, and employees of the Community Colleges System, or an institution under the jurisdiction of the State Board; and persons who within the prior five years have been employees of the Community Colleges System Office. Provides for election of chairs and officers, meeting requirements, and vacancy requirements. Requires the State Board to declare vacant an appointed or elected member who does not attend three consecutive scheduled meetings without justifiable excuse. Makes conforming changes to GS 138A-24. Sets staggered terms for initial State Board members elected or appointed in 2021 for six-year terms and 2023 for two-year terms, except one gubernatorially appointed member to a four-year term. Provides for four-year terms for all members following the expiration of the terms elected and appointed in 2021 and 2023. Applies beginning with the election or appointment of members to the State Board to terms beginning July 1, 2021.