Bill Summary for H 1025 (2017-2018)

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Jun 15 2018

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House Bill 1025 (Public) Filed Tuesday, May 29, 2018
Intro. by Davis.

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Bill summary

House committee substitute makes the following changes to the 1st edition.

Amends GS 14-50.41 to shorten title of the article to "North Carolina Criminal Gang Nuisance Abatement Act." 

Removes repeal of Section 4 of SL 1989-168, which modified the statutory reference regarding hazardous waste.

Makes technical and clarifying changes to GS 20-79.3A(c) and (d), concerning annual reports on special registration plates. 

Makes technical and clarifying changes to GS 90-414.5(b), concerning analysis and reporting of Health Information Exchange (HIE) Network data. 

Makes technical and clarifying changes to GS 120-30.49(a), concerning annual reports on the fiscal effects of federal mandates and conditional federal funds. 

Makes technical and clarifying changes to GS 120-32.01, requiring State agencies to provide information to the Legislative offices and Divisions when requested. 

Makes technical and clarifying changes to GS 120-36.6, concerning Council of State meetings and representatives from various Legislative offices. 

Makes technical and clarifying changes to GS 120-233(a), concerning staffing of the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Information Technology. 

Makes technical and clarifying changes to GS 24-10(c) and (g), concerning construction loans. 

Makes technical change to GS 53-141, concerning the duration of corporate names for industrial banks. 

Makes technical and clarifying changes to GS 53-208.45, GS 53-208.56, and GS 52-208.62, concerning the money transmission license application process for banks. 

Removes provision repealing GS Chapter 136, Article 18A, which is the North Carolina and South Carolina Rail Compact Act. 

Removes erroneous technical change to GS 150B-1(d), concerning exemptions from rule-making.  

Corrects spelling errors in GS 89F-20(a), GS 89G-5, and GS 106-1041. Corrects typographical errors in 12 statutes where "the" is repeated twice. 

Amends GS 115D-11.6, by specifying the legislative committees to which the Apprenticeship Council makes its annual reports. 

Makes technical and clarifying changes to GS 143B-434.01, concerning the development of the Comprehensive Strategic Economic Plan. Also removes some of the entities who were to receive the plan.

Makes technical change and adds gender-neutral language to GS 106-702(b) and (c), concerning legal actions against agricultural or forestry operations. 

Makes technical change to GS 113A-134.12, regarding beach access for individuals with a disability. 

Amends GS 115C-296.2(b), defining a public school, by removing reference to schools operated by the Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice. 

Recodifies GS 130A-26A as GS 130A-26.4, and amends this statute with clarifying changes, concerning the definition of a Class 1 misdemeanor and Class I felony. 

Makes technical and clarifying changes to GS 143-157.1(a) and (b), concerning reports on gender-proportionate appointments to statutorily created regulatory bodies. 

Makes technical and clarifying changes to GS 143-723, concerning the Open Meetings Law. 

Makes technical and clarifying changes to SL 2017-137, Section 2, Subsections (a) and (c), to reference the correct subsections of the Act concerning the Pilot Program to Reduce Inventory of Department of Transportation Residue Property. 

Makes technical corrections to SL 2017-174, Section 2, concerning hospital construction licenses. 

Removes changes to GS 32C-1-110, concerning when power of attorney is effective.

Makes technical and clarifying changes to GS 32C-2-201, GS 32C-2-202, GS 32C-2-203, and GS 32C-3-303, concerning power of attorney, to remove all references to GS 32C-2-220, a non-existent statute.

Makes technical and clarifying changes to GS 47-43, providing the form of a certificate of acknowledgement of instrument executed by agent, and changes all references to attorney in fact to agent.

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