Bill Summary for S 821 (2015-2016)

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Jun 29 2016

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Senate Bill 821 (Public) Filed Monday, May 9, 2016
Intro. by Hartsell.

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Bill summary

Senate committee substitute makes the following changes to the 2nd edition.

Deletes all proposed changes made to the following statutes as previously found in the Part II of the act: GS 1A-1, Rule 22; GS 20-63.01; GS 85B-7.1(a); GS 85B-8; GS 86A-22; GS 88B-17; GS 90-171.55; GS 90-210.86; GS 93A-3; GS 93A-42; GS 93A-45; GS 20-63.01; GS 42-50; GS 42A-15; GS 42A-17(a); GS 47C-4-110; GS 85B-7.1(a); GS 85B-8; GS 86A-22; GS 88B-17; GS 90-171.55; GS 28A-2B-2; GS 31D-5-505; GS 36C-5-505; GS 39-13.7; GS 62-133.10; GS 90-91; GS 115C-401.2(a)(8); GS 115C-401.2(e); GS 147-86.59; and GS 153A-99(b). Makes conforming changes and further deletes provisions directing the Revisor of Statutes to include specified comments and information.  

Makes technical and conforming changes to introductory language for section proposing changes to GS 90-12.7(b1).

Makes a technical change to GS 90-414.5 concerning receiving access to the Health Information Exchange from the North Carolina Health Information Exchange Authority (Authority).

Makes technical corrections to statutory references found in GS 90-414.7(b) concerning the powers and duties of the Authority.

Amends GS 143B-437.01(a)(6), as amended by SL 2016-5, making clarifying changes to incorrect language. 

Amends Section 4 of SL 2016-27, correcting a statutory reference. 

Provides that if House Bill 289, The NC Money Transmitters Act, of the 2016 Regular Session of the 2015 General Assembly becomes law, then the effective date of that act is amended to October 1, 2016 (Was, October 1, 2015).

Amends Section 1 of Senate Resolution 746, previously adopted by the Senate in the 2016 Regular Session of the 2015 General Assembly, by deleting the phrase "general farming" and substituting the word "marketing."

Amends the effective date of the act to provide that Section 2, amending GS 14-159.3(a1) of the act, is effective December 1, 2015, with the remainder of the act effective when it becomes law.