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Jun 27 2012

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Senate Bill 847 (Public) Filed Monday, May 21, 2012
Intro. by Hartsell.

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Bill summary

Senate committee substitute makes the following changes to 1st edition.
Amends GS 7A-60(a1), regarding district attorneys, and GS 7A-133(c), regarding magistrates, to codify the permanent reductions to the minimum number of magistrates in various counties and the number of full-time assistant district attorneys in certain prosecutorial districts so that the General Statutes reflect the authorized numbers of magistrates and district attorneys.
Effective January 1, 2013, again amends GS 7A-133(c) regarding the reductions to the minimum number of magistrates.
Amends GS 7B-4002, which establishes the NC State Council for Interstate Juvenile Supervision, to designate the Secretary of Public Safety (was, the Secretary of the Department of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention) or the Secretary’s designee as the Compact Administrator for North Carolina and as the state’s Commissioner to the Interstate Commission. Makes conforming changes.
Amends GS 163-304 to clarify that the State Board of Elections has the same jurisdiction over municipal elections as over county and state elections (was, elections and election officials).
Makes a technical correction to Section 13.22(b) of SL 2011-145 retroactively effective July 1, 2011.
Recodifies GS 15A-1331A as GS 15A-1331.1. Makes conforming changes to relevant statutes. Provides that if Senate Bill 707, School Violence Prevention Act, becomes law, then GS 15A-1331B, as enacted by that act, is recodified as GS 15A-1331.2. Adds Swain County to those counties eligible for Environmental Mitigation Project grants from the Tennessee Valley Authority settlement funds. Repeals Sections 49 and 50 of SL 2012-56. Provides that if House Bill 1075, LME/MCO Governance, becomes law then GS 35A-1213(f), as enacted by that act, is amended to provide that individuals contracting to provide services to a local management entity (LME) may not serve as guardians for individuals receiving those services. However, provides that this prohibition does not apply to a member of the ward’s immediate family who is under contract with an LME for delivery of services and serving as a guardian as of January 1, 2013. Provides a definition for the term immediate family.
Repeals GS 122C-122 if House Bill 1075 does not become law. Makes additional changes to GS 35A-1202(4), 35A-1213, and 35A-1292(a) contingent on whether House Bill 1075 does not become law. Also provides that if House Bill 1075 does not become law, requires any successor guardian to make diligent efforts to continue existing contracts entered into under the authority of GS 122C-122 consistent with the best interests of the ward as required by GS Chapter 53A.
Amends GS 66-58 to provide that the prohibitions in subsection (a) regarding the sale of merchandise or services by governmental units do not apply to the North Carolina Forest Service. Amends GS 93A-83(c), should Senate Bill 521 , Rule in Dumper’s Case/Broker Price Options, become law, to require that a Broker Price Opinion or Comparative Market Analysis must conform to specified standards (was, may conform to those standards).
Amends GS 116B-8, as enacted in House Bill 462, Contingency Contracts for Audits, should HB 462 becomes law, to limit the compensation of persons whom the Treasurer may employ on a contingency basis to 12% of the final assessment. Also amends the effective dates for HB 462, 2011 Regular Session, should the act become law.
Adds new GS 10B-72 to provide that certain notarial acts are nonetheless validated although the recommissioned notary did not again take the oath as a notary public. Provides that the statute applies to notarial acts performed on or after August 28, 2010 and before January 12, 2012.
Amends GS 146-30(c) to declare that the proceeds from the lease dispositions of land or facilities owned or under the supervision and control of East Carolina University’s Division of Health Sciences are to be deposited in clinical accounts at ECU for use to improve access to patient care. Makes amendments to GS 143-553(a), 147-86.11(e), and 147-86.23 to provide that these provisions also apply to ECU’s Division of Health Sciences.
Makes technical and clarifying changes to various statutes and legislation.

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