Bill Summary for S 488 (2019-2020)

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Jun 24 2020

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View NCGA Bill Details2019-2020 Session
Senate Bill 488 (Public) Filed Tuesday, April 2, 2019
Intro. by B. Jackson, Wells, Chaudhuri.

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Bill summary

Conference report to the 3rd edition makes the following changes. 

Eliminates the uncodified provisions of previous Section 1, which authorized the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to enter into agreements to use commission contractors who are under contract with the DMV for the issuance of plate and certificates to process certificates of title and renewals of vehicle registrations, with an expiration of December 31, 2020.

Section 2

Amends the proposed changes to GS 20-79.1, which allows DMV to enter into agreements to use commission contractors who are under contract with the DMV for the issuance of plates and certificates to distribute temporary registration plates to dealers. No longer requires DMV to, insofar as practicable, identify at least six commission contractors to enter into agreements with to make temporary registration plates more available to dealers across all of the state's geographic regions. Now requires DMV to make every effort to enter into agreements with commission contractors across all geographic regions of the state in order to make temporary registration plates accessible to all dealers if DMV enters into agreements under the new provision.

Section 3

Expands the immunity and hold harmless provisions set out for DMV regarding notation of security interest fraudulently or erroneously placed on a certificate of title for applications submitted to the DMV under this section and applications submitted with an inaccurate electronic signature under this section, to grant the same immunities to DMV's commission contractors. 

Section 6

Changes the effective date of the proposed changes to GS 20-295, regarding a grace period for pending motor vehicle dealer license renewals, to now make the provisions effective on the date the act becomes law (was effective October 1, 2020).

Section 6.5

Adds new Section 6.5. Amends GS 20-24.1 to allow persons with a license revoked only for failure to pay fines to apply to the court for a limited driving privilege valid for up to one year or until any fine, penalty, or court costs ordered by the court are paid. Restricts application to those who have not had a limited driving privilege granted within the three prior years to application under this provision. Provides for the parameters of the privilege order. Effective December 1, 2020, and applies to applications for limited driving privileges filed on or after that date.