Bill Summary for H 650 (2021-2022)

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Aug 19 2021

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House Bill 650 (Public) Filed Thursday, April 22, 2021
Intro. by B. Jones, Iler, Shepard.

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Bill summary

Senate amendments to the 3rd edition makes the following changes. 

Section 3

Senate amendment #1 further amends GS 20-30(6), expanding the exceptions provided to allow a federally insured depository institution or its affiliates to create, store, or receive, in the ordinary course of business, a color image of a driver's license, learner's permit, or special identification card of a consumer (currently limited to black and white photocopy by law). 

Section 4.5

Amendment #2 adds a new section as follows. Amends GS 20-79.4(a2), which provides parameters for the issuance of special registration plates based upon military service. Allows a surviving spouse of a person who had a special plate issued under the terms of subsection (a2) to continue to renew the plate, subject to annual verification that the surviving spouse has not remarried. Makes clarifying changes. Eliminates the more specific provision under subdivision (b)(195), allowing issuance of prisoner of war registration plates to surviving spouses of persons who had a prisoner of war plate at their time of death so long as the surviving spouse continues to renew the plate and does not remarry. Applies to registration plates issued or renewed on or after December 1, 2021. 

Section 6.3

Senate amendment #1 amends the proposed changes to GS 20-58.4, which requires the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to treat the release of a security interest in a manufactured home upon satisfaction or other discharge as a proper release. No longer allows for a commission contractor of the DMV, as an alternative to the DMV, to send notice to the last known address of the secured party before cancellation of a security interest pursuant to the statute. 

Section 8

Senate amendment #1 changes the effective date of the proposed changes to GS 20-58.4A, regarding the DMV's implementation of a statewide electronic lien and title system to process the notification, release, and maintenance of security interests and certificate of title data. Makes the provisions effective January 15, 2022 (was, October 1, 2021), and applicable to contracts with qualified vendors and service providers entered into by the DMV pursuant to that statute on or after that date.