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  • Summary date: Apr 5 2023 - View Summary

    Enacts GS 88B-10.2, establishing a license to practice as an eyelash art technician (technician). Sets forth qualifications for licensure, including completion of an eyelash art training course or curriculum approved by the Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners (Board), passage of an exam conducted by the Board, and payment of the $10 annual licensing fee set in GS 88B-20. Amends GS 88B-2 to define eyelash art, eyelash art license, and eyelash art technician.

    Makes the following changes to GS Chapter 88B, making the Chapter's provisions apply to eyelash art technicians. Amends GS 88B-13 to allow for reciprocity of technicians licensed in other states. Amends GS 88B-21 to require annual renewal of technician licenses and completion of required continuing education; extends the exemption for annual continuing education to technicians who are inactive practitioners with at least 10 consecutive years of practice and 60 or over. Amends GS 88B-22, making it a Class 3 misdemeanor to practice without a technician license. Amends GS 88B-23 to require technicians to display their license in the shop where the person works. Amends GS 88B-24 to grant the Board disciplinary authority over technicians for violations of GS 86A-15 for practicing cosmetic art in a barber shop.

    Directs the Board to adopt temporary implementing rules, post information online advertising the eyelash art technician application process, and provide information on which accredited school is approved by the Board for training as a technician for licensure. 

    Effective October 1, 2023.