Bill Summary for H 299 (2015-2016)

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Mar 18 2015

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House Bill 299 (Public) Filed Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Intro. by Burr, McNeill.

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Bill summary

Amends GS 74C-5 to provide that the authority of the Private Protective Services Board includes power to conduct investigations regarding unlicensed activity and to issue cease and desist letters, with the concurrence of the Secretary of Public Safety (Secretary). Amends GS 74C-7 to provide that the Secretary's powers include the authority to investigate or cause to be investigated unlicensed individuals, as well as those who are licensed or to be licensed under GS Chapter 74C, providing those individuals are the subject of complaints, allegations or suspicions of wrongdoing, or violations of this Chapter.

Amends the requirements for private protective services licensing in GS 74C-8 to provide that in the event that a qualifying agent upon whom a business entity relies in order to do business ceases to perform his or her duties, the business entity must obtain a substitute qualifying agent within 90 (was, 30) days, unless the Private Protective Services Board(Board) extends the 90-day period, for good cause,for an additional 30 days upon the filing of a petition by the business entity and upon a hearing by the Board. Allows the Board to require the payment of a late fee for a business entity failing to obtain a substitute qualifying agent. Requires a license applicant to pay the initial fee and make the required Private Protective Services Education Fund (Fund) contribution within 90 days from the date the applicant receives notice of pending licensure approval unless the Board extends the 90-day period, for good cause, for an additional 30 days upon the applicant filing a petition and having a hearing by the Board.

Allows the Board to require an applicant, who fails to pay the initial license fee or fails to make a contribution to the Fund as required under this section to pay a late fee. Amends GS 74C-9 to set a $100 cap on the late feesauthorized above. Authorizes the Board to charge reasonable application and license fees for a firearm registration permit for all applicants and licensees subject to GS 74C-13 of no more than $50 and a fee for renewal, replacement, or reissuance for a firearm registration permit for all applicants and licensees subject to GS 74C-13 not to exceed $30.

Allows the board to grant a 90-day extension to a licensee, trainee, or registrant who is temporarily unable to complete the renewal application requirements because of a physical disability or medical condition. Provides specifications for the documentation necessary for the extension. Provides that any information provided under the documentation requirements is not considered a public record under GS Chapter 132.

Amends GS 74C-12 to also allow the Board to deny, suspend, or revoke a trainer certification. Amends GS 74C-13 to require a proprietary employer who employs an armed guard to submit an application to the Board and requires the employer to renew its license every two years.

Effective July 1, 2015.