Bill Summaries: S403 (2021)

  • Summary date: Mar 30 2021 - View summary

    Substantively identical to H 130, filed 2/23/21.

    Sets out NCGA findings related to a multiuse trail across Central and Eastern North Carolina. Authorizes the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources (Department) to add the portion of the East Coast Greenway traversing North Carolina to the State Parks System and names it the "East Coast Greenway State Trail." Requires the Department to support, promote, encourage, and facilitate the establishment of trail segments on State park lands and on lands of other federal, State, local, and private landowners. Sets out what laws govern on segments that cross property controlled by agencies or owners other than the Division of Parks and Recreation. Excludes this authorization from the requirement that additions be accompanied by adequate appropriations for land acquisition, development, and operations. Allows, however, the State to receive donations of appropriate land and allows purchasing needed lands with existing funds in the Land and Water Fund, the Parks and Recreation Trust Fund, the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund, and other available sources of funding.