Bill Summaries: S224 (2021)

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    House committee substitute replaces the content of the 1st edition with the following.

    Adds to the powers of a sanitary district set forth in GS 130A-55 to include the power to provide for the creation, maintenance, and operation of parks and recreation programs and facilities with all the powers provided to cities and counties under state law, excluding the power of eminent domain. 

    Directs the State to convey all property rights and interest in the described land located adjacent to Columbus Correctional Institution and leased to Columbus County (County) for their Agricultural Fairground, to the Columbus County Board of Commissioners for $1, for county government purposes, subject to a reversionary interest reserved by the State. Directs the Department of Public Safety and the County to develop property boundaries to be subdivided for conveyance to the County. Provides for the conveyance "as is" and without warranty. Places all costs of conveyance on the County. Exempts the conveyance from statutes governing the disposition of State lands in Article 7, GS Chapter 146, but requires compliance with statutes governing the form of State land conveyances in Article 16, GS Chapter 146, except for the provisions of GS 146-74, which makes conveyances subject to approval of the Governor and Council of State, with consultation required for lands with an appraised value of $25,000 or more.

    Changes the act's titles.

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    Includes whereas clauses. Requires the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to dedicate and rename the Agricultural Sciences Center located at 4400 Reedy Creek Road, Raleigh, as the "Steve Troxler Agricultural Sciences Center."