Bill Summaries: H336 (2011-2012 Session)

  • Summary date: May 12 2011 - View summary

    AN ACT TO ALLOW THE HAULING OF READY-MIXED CONCRETE IN EXCESS OF WEIGHT LIMITS SO LONG AS CERTAIN CONDITIONS ARE MET. Summarized in Daily Bulletin 3/10/11, 3/29/11, and 4/20/11. Enacted May 12, 2011. Effective October 1, 2011.

  • Summary date: Apr 20 2011 - View summary

    Senate committee substitute makes the following changes to 2nd edition. Provides that no additional weight allowances as found in section GS 20-118 shall apply for the gross weight, single-axle weight, and tandem-axle weight, and that the tolerance allowed by subsection GS 20-188(h) is inapplicable.

  • Summary date: Mar 29 2011 - View summary

    House committee substitute makes the following changes to 1st edition.
    Clarifies one of the three conditions in proposed GS 20-118(c)(16), which excepts certain vehicles hauling ready-mixed concrete from weight limits by setting weight limits based on number of axles. Makes an additional clarifying change. Provides that the act applies to offenses committed on or after the October 1, 2011, effective date.

  • Summary date: Mar 10 2011 - View summary

    Amends GS 20-118(c) as the title indicates. Specifies the three conditions that must be met. Effective October 1, 2011.