Bill Summaries: all (2015-2016 Session)

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    Identical to S 193, filed 3/5/15.

    Amends GS 143B-437.02A to change the amount of qualifying expenses required by a production company to qualify for a grant from the Film and Entertainment Grant Fund as follows: (1) for a feature-length film, $1 million in expenses (was, $5 million); (2) for a video or television series, $1 million in expenses per episode (was, $250,000). Additionally, amends the provisions for grant amount caps, providing that a grant for a feature-length film for theatrical viewing cannot exceed $10 million (previously, could not exceed $5 million and did not include the "for theatrical viewing" language). Provides that grants cannot exceed $2 million for feature-length films for television viewing or a television or video pilot or episode (previously, could not exceed $5 million and did not include the language referring to feature-length film for tv viewing or television or video pilot or episode). Deletes prohibition on grants for a production that contains material that is "harmful to minors" as defined in GS 14-190.1. Deletes definition for employee.  Expands the definition of production to include video or tv series or a commercial for theatrical or tv viewing including access through cable tv, broadcast tv, digital video discs, and online sources. Provides that for video and tv series, a production is each episode of the series produced for a single season (was, a production is all of the episodes). Makes a technical change. Authorizes the Secretary of Commerce to enter into an agreement to provide funds from the Film and Entertainment Grant Fund to a production company, with that agreement not to exceed five years. Provides that such an agreement is a binding obligation, although it is not subject to state funds being appropriated by the General Assembly.

    Appropriates $66 million in recurring funds from the General Fund to the Film and Entertainment Grant Fund beginning in fiscal year 2015-16 for uses pursuant to GS 143B-437.02A.

    Effective July 1, 2015, applying to grants made on or after that date.