Bill Summary for S 625 (2023-2024)

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Apr 27 2023

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Senate Bill 625 (Public) Filed Wednesday, April 5, 2023
Intro. by Krawiec, Jarvis, Batch.

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Bill summary

Senate amendment to the 3rd edition makes the following changes.

Section 11

Amends GS 7B-903.2, providing for the procedure for emergency motions by a party to the juvenile case, the hospital where the juvenile is located, or the LME/MCO or PHP regarding the requirements of GS 122C-142.2, to require motions to be heard within 10 business days (was, five business days) of when the motion is served or the next scheduled juvenile court session, whichever is later.

Section 13

Deletes the proposed repeal of GS 7B-1114(m), instead maintaining current law which deems parents whose parental rights have been reinstated not liable for support or services provided to the juvenile for the period from the date of the order terminating their rights to the date of the order reinstating their rights.

Section 17

Amends new GS 48-3-709 to consistently refer to the term "post-adoption contact agreement and order." Makes a technical change.

Section 18

Amends new GS 7B-325 to specify that an individual must meet one of the three conditions described to be eligible to file a petition for expungement of their name from the responsible individuals list (previously, appeared to require all three conditions). 

Section 21

Eliminates the entirety of Section 21, which amended Section 9A of SL 2015-245, as amended, to direct the Department of Health and Human Services to seek approval from CMS to allow a parent or caretaker relative to retain Medicaid eligibility when the department of social services has been granted custody of a child formerly in the care of a parent or caretaker relative and certain criteria were met. Deletes changes to Section 9D.14 of SL 2021-180 regarding the sunset of the changes in Section 9A of SL 2015-245 and GS 108A-54.3A. Deletes the conforming changes to GS 108A-54.3A.