Bill Summary for H 206 (2019-2020)

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Feb 26 2019

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House Bill 206 (Public) Filed Tuesday, February 26, 2019
Intro. by Torbett.

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Bill summary

Amends GS 40A-3 by adding that school committees or boards of trustees or of directors of a corporation holding title to real estate upon which any private educational institution is situated have the power of eminent domain in order to accommodate transportation improvements required by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Enacts new GS 63-74 establishing an Airport Improvement Program (program) to: (1) fund improvements at eligible airports and (2) pay debt service or related financing costs and expenses on revenue bonds or notes issued by eligible airports. Requires DOT to allocate funds appropriated to this program to eligible airports based on the findings in the required biennial economic impact study. Makes any publicly owned, commercial service airport with more than 10,000 passenger boardings during the two calendar years preceding the fiscal year in which funds are allocated eligible to apply for airport improvement program funds. Requires DOT to conduct a biennial economic impact study looking at the annual economic impact of each commercial and general aviation airport in the state. Requires funds appropriated to the program to be disbursed based on the percentage of the total economic impact of each eligible airport. Limits the distribution of funds to the three largest airports to no more than 80% of the total program funds and sets out distribution requirements for the remaining funds. Requires that an airport provide a report outlining how the funds will be used in conformance with the purposes of the program before funds may be allocated. Sets out the time frame for awarding funds. Requires unexpended funds to be returned. Specifies that the allocation of funds under this statute, the enactment of the statute, and the issuance of bonds or notes by the airports in reliance thereon, does not constitute a pledge of the full faith and credit and taxing power of the State. Allocations are subject to the availability of funds appropriated to the program. Repeals Section 34.19(b) of SL 2017-57, which required that $31,282,131 in recurring funds of the funds appropriated from the Highway Fund to DOT for capital improvements at commercial airports be allocated to the Raleigh-Durham International Airport beginning in 2018-19.

Amends GS 136-284 by directing the DOT's Office of Civil Rights to increase outreach to small professional service firms (as now defined in the act). Requires the Office to set a goal that the use of small professional firms increase by 5% by January 1, 2021. 

Amends SL 2009-235, Section 2, as amended, by removing the July 1, 2017, expiration of the authorization for DOT to partner with private developers on engineering, design, or construction of improvements to the State highway system.