Bill Summary for H 562 (2015-2016)

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Jun 17 2015

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View NCGA Bill Details2015-2016 Session
House Bill 562 (Public) Filed Thursday, April 2, 2015
Intro. by Schaffer, Burr, Cleveland, Faircloth.

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Bill summary

House amendments make the following changes to the 6th edition.

Amendment #10 

Amends GS 14-403, Permit issued by sheriff; form of permit; expiration of permit, to require that the permit form be created by the State Bureau of Investigation (was, the Department of Public Safety). Makes clarifying changes and adds language that requires that the standard permit be used statewide by the sheriffs of all counties and, when issued, must contain an embossed seal unique to the issuing sheriff. No longer requires a watermark. Consolidates duplicate versions of the statute.

Provides that permits properly issued before the above provisions are effective remain valid until expiration. Provides for the exchanging of valid permits for an updated version of the permit.

Requires the State Bureau of Investigation to make reasonable efforts to alert federally licensed firearm dealers in North Carolina of the new permit appearance and requirements implemented above.

Amends proposed GS 14-404(e) to provide that the required application for a permit pursuant to this section must be on a form created by the State Bureau of Investigation (was, to be created by the Department of Public Safety). 

Amends the effective date provisions of the bill to provide that Section 9 of the bill (amending GS 14-415.21) is effective December 1, 2015, applying to offenses committed on or after that date. Clarifies that all of Section 10, including the above changes, is effective December 1, 2015, applying to permits issued on or after that date. 

Deletes proposed GS 14-402(a1).

Amendment #13

Amends GS 14-415.15(a) to require the sheriff to request records regarding the mental health or capacity of a concealed handgun permit applicant within 10 days (was, 15 days) of receiving the items listed in GS 14-415.13. Also adds language that provides that individuals, companies, mental health providers, or governmental entities cannot charge additional fees to applicants for background checks conducted pursuant to GS 14-415(a). 

Amendment #18

Directs the Department of Public Safety, in consultation with the Office of Information Technology Services and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to study the development of a system to allow a background check to be conducted in private transfers of firearms. Sets out what system access the study should consider, including the consideration of access to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System by sellers or transferors. Requires the report to be submitted to the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Justice and Public Safety on or before January 1, 2019.