Bill Summaries: S290 SHORT TERM RENTALS.

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  • Summary date: Mar 9 2023 - View Summary

    Amends GS 160D-1207 (pertaining to periodic inspections under minimum housing codes) to clarify that the nothing in that law will be deemed to prevent a local government from enforcing ordinances related to maximum occupancy, as that term is defined in the Vacation Rental Act (GS 42A-4) [VRA], for a vacation rental property that is subject to the provisions of the VRA.

    Adds maximum occupancy as a definition in the VRA, defined as the maximum number of persons allowed in a vacation rental, measure as an amount not exceeding four persons per bedroom. Amends GS 42A-31 (pertaining to the landlord’s obligation to provide fit premises for a vacation rental) to require the landlord to (1) comply with all current applicable local ordinances and codes; and (2) accurately represent the number of bedrooms and bathrooms on the property and prohibit the rental of the property to a tenant if the maximum occupancy will be exceeded. Sets forth specification on how to determine number of bedrooms and bathrooms on the property. Makes technical and conforming changes.  

    Makes conforming changes to GS 42A-32 (tenant’s obligation to maintain dwelling unit under the VRA) and GS 42A-33 (responsibilities and liability of real estate broker under the VRA).