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    Directs the NC Building Code Council (Council) to amend the Residential Code for One- and Two-Family Dwellings in order to permit dimension lumber that has not been grade-stamped under the authority of a lumber grading bureau to be used in the construction of one- and two-family dwellings, so long as the following criteria are met: (1) that the lumber is sold directly by the sawmill owner or employee to the dwelling owner or owner's authorized representative; (2) the dimension lumber meets or exceeds all other Code requirements; (3) a certified inspector, as specified, certifies that the lumber conforms with product and inspection standards under the specified American Softwood Lumber Standard and marks the lumber with (a) the mill number, name, or abbreviation; (b) the accrediting agency symbol; (c) the species of the lumber; (d) whether the lumber was dry or green when manufactured; and (e) whether the lumber conforms with specified standards; and (4) that the appropriate code enforcement official reviews the dwelling's framing to ensure it meets all other requirements, with immunity from civil and professional liability for structural failure resulting from the use of dimension lumber. Exempts the code enforcement official from liability for any structural failure resulting from the use of dimension lumber rather than grade-stamped lumber. Requires the Council to issue temporary implementing rules. Sunsets the act when the Council issues permanent rules substantially similar to the act's provisions and notifies the Codifier of Statutes.