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    Authorizes the Durham Public School Board of Education (Board) and Durham County (County) to enter into a partnership or similar arrangement to construct, provide, and maintain affordable housing on property owned by the Board or the County. Authorizes the Board and the County to convey their property to such partnership or similar entity for for the narrow purpose of providing affordable housing for Durham Public Schools teachers, sworn law enforcement officers, or other first responders employed by local government entities in the County, as well as Durham Public Schools professional staff if units remain available. Bars the transfer of any property to the partnership or other similar entity created under the act that is acquired on or after the date the act becomes law by eminent domain. Authorizes the Board, the County, or the partnership or similar entity created under the act to contract to finance, construct, or maintain the affordable housing, and enter into residential housing unit lease agreements for housing units owned by the Board or the County, with agreements limited to the teachers and professional staff, local officers and first responders specified. Requires at least 75% of the housing constructed, provided or maintained to be reserved for Durham Public Schools teachers. Places discretion with the Board to establish reasonable rents. Subjects housing under the act to applicable building, health and safety laws and regulations.