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    Includes whereas clauses.

    Directs the Environmental Review Commission (ERC) to conduct a study of environmental and public health impacts of dry litter poultry waste and potential regulatory and technological solutions for addressing these impacts.  Applies the definitions set out in GS 143-215.10B (regarding animal waste management systems) to this act.  Lists required areas of study to include: (1) growth of the poultry industry including current location, size, and number of dry litter poultry facilities; (2) location, size, and number of those facilities in the 500-year floodplain and options for removing them or making them more resilient; (3) amount of waste produced by those facilities and methods of disposal; (4) impacts on environment including to surface water, groundwater, and soil; (5) impacts on public health including drinking water contamination and pathogens or disease vectors and pests; (6) health impacts on waste workers; (7) cumulative environmental and public health impacts of these facilities and animal operations for swine; (8) current regulations, deficiencies in current regulations, and potential regulations of these facilities that would better protect the environment and public health, taking into account regulations in other states as well as regulations for swine operations in this state; (9) disposal of dead poultry after severe storms or flooding events; (10) current and potential animal waste management technologies that could reduce or eliminate environmental and public health impacts; and (11) need for additional resources, including appropriations, professional expertise, and scientific studies needed to comprehensively examine the issues identified in this act.    

    Directs all state agencies to assist ERC upon its request.  Authorizes ERC to request recommendations from any of the named state agencies related to any of the topics enumerated for study. 

    Directs ERC to report its findings and any recommendations to the 2020 Regular Session of the 2019 General Assembly upon its convening.