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  • Summary date: Mar 19 2019 - View Summary

    House committee substitute makes the following changes to the 1st edition.

    Further amends Part I of SL 2017-41 to require the Department of Health and Human Services's plan for establishing regional offices charged with supervision of administration of social services at the local level (required to be submitted to the specified NCGA committee by November 15, 2018, after consideration of recommendations of the Social Services Regional Supervision and Collaboration Working Group [SSWG]) to provide for the system of regional supervision to be operational no later than March 1, 2022 (was, March 1, 2020). Amend Section 1.2 to add a Stage Three to the duties of the SSWG, upon completion of Stages One and Two: (1) to revise its Stage One recommendations after reviewing the recommendations from the Center for the Support of Families and DHHS regarding regional supervision and (2) to provide more detailed recommendations regarding seven specified issues, including the role of local elected officials and social services governing boards in social services oversight, determining residency for social services programs and services, and confidentiality of social services records. Deletes the proposed changes to the SSWG's reporting requirements and instead directs the SSWG to submit a Stage Three preliminary report to the specified committee no later than October 15, 2020, and a Stage Three final report of its recommendations no later than February 1, 2021. Authorizes the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Health and Human Services to terminate the SSWG after receipt of the preliminary report if it concludes the SSWG is not making sufficient progress. Otherwise, terminates the SSWG upon submission of the final report.

    Amends Section 24.1 of SL 2018-5, which creates the Child Well-Being Transformation Council (Council). Increases membership of the Council from 25 to 26 members, adding an at-large member appointed by the President Pro Tempore. Adds a new provision authorizing the removal of a member of the Council by the cochairs if the member fails to attend at least 50% of the meetings held in accordance with the law during a year. Modifies the Council's reporting requirements to now require an interim report by December 30, 2019 (was, June 30, 2019), and a final report by December 30, 2020 (was, June 30, 2020). 

    Changes the act's long title.

  • Summary date: Mar 6 2019 - View Summary

    Amends Section 1.2 of SL 2017-41, continuing the work of the Social Services Regional Supervision and Collaboration Working Group (SSWG) convened by UNC School of Government in October of 2017 at the direction of Section 1.2. Deems the SSWG membership to consist of the currently constituted members as of December 1, 2018, and removes the requirement that six members appointed by the House Speaker and Senate President Pro Tempore (among whom co-chairs must be designated) must be members of the respective chamber. Directs the SSWG to continue to address regional supervision and interagency collaboration and regionalization. Requires the SSWG to convene no later than October 4, 1029, and continue developing the recommendations previously specified. Directs the SSWG to submit a report by April 15, 2020, and a final report by February 1, 2021, to the specified NCGA committee and the Department of Health and Human Services. Terminates the SSWG upon submission of the final report.