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  • Summary date: Jun 26 2014 - View Summary

    The House committee substitute deletes all of the provisions of the 1st edition and replaces it with AN ACT TO AMEND THE UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE LAWS, AS RECOMMENDED BY THE JOINT LEGISLATIVE OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE ON UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE.

    This bill is now identical to the 3rd edition of House Bill 1069, with the following changes.

    Amends proposed GS 96-15.3, establishing the Board of Review (Board) to determine appeals policies and procedures to hear appeals of decisions of the Division of Employment Security, as follows. Applies the Code of Judicial Conduct for judges of the General Court of Justice and the procedure for discipline of judges in Article 30 of GS Chapter 7A to members of the Board. Makes organizational changes.

    Extends the expiration of the terms of the Board member appointed to represent employers and the member representing employees by two years. Adds that once those appointments expire, the term will be for four years. Sets the expiration date for the person appointed as the member representing the general public and provides that when that two year term expires, the next term will be for four years.

    Makes the Board provisions effective July 1, 2014 (was, when the act becomes law).

  • Summary date: Mar 20 2013 - View Summary

    Amends GS 106-65.105 to give the Commissioner of Agriculture the right of entry on the premises where necessary to enforce the provisions of Article 4H (Bedding) or rules adopted by the Board of Agriculture. Requires an administrative search and inspection warrant if consent to entry is not obtained.