Bill Summaries: H 656 AMEND COAL ASH MANAGEMENT ACT OF 2014.

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    Amends GS 62-133.13 to provide that the Public Utilities Commission must not allow an electric public utility to recover from the retail customers costs incurred after January 1, 2014, that are related to (1) the management of coal combustion residuals disposed of in coal combustion residuals surface impoundments or (2) an unlawful discharge to the surface waters from a coal combustion surface impoundment unless the Commission determines that it was due to an event of force majeure. Previously the prohibition applied to only the latter (unlawful discharge).

    Amends GS 130A-309.212(c) to provide that one type of corrective action to prevent unpermitted discharges from coal combustion residuals surface impoundments to the surface waters (specifically, applying for a certain type of permit amendment) is not allowed for seeps, except if necessary to implement a closure plan.

    Repeals GS 143-215.1(i), which relates to the compliance boundaries for disposal systems, and GS 143-215.1(k), which relates to corrective action plans when operation of a permitted disposal system results in exceedances of the groundwater quality standards beyond the compliance boundary. 

    Repeals GS 130A-309.214, which relates to closure of coal combustion residuals surface impoundments. Adds new GS 130A-309-214A, which provides new methods of and schedule for closures of such impoundments.

    Amends GS 130A-309.220(b), which relates to the liners required for large structural fills. Removes language that made the liner requirement apply only to structural fills of a certain size so that the requirement applies now to fills of all sizes. Also adds a requirement that leachate collected be properly discharged to a wastewater treatment plant.