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  • Summary date: Feb 25 2015 - View Summary

    Adds new Article 43, North Carolina Naturopathic Doctors Licensure Act, to GS Chapter 90. Prohibits a person from practicing as a naturopathic physician without a state license issued pursuant to the bill, with specified exemptions. Defines naturopathic medicine generally as a system of natural health care that employs diagnosis and treatment using natural therapies and diagnostic techniques. Sets out the techniques that may and may not be used by naturopathic physicians. Makes violation of proposed GS 90-734 a Class 1 misdemeanor. Establishes the NC Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Board (Board), with seven members (three appointed by the Governor and two each upon recommendation of the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President Pro Tem. of the Senate, with each member having to come from specified groups) to be appointed by January 1, 2016. Prohibits members from serving more than two consecutive terms. Charges Board with administration of the licensing program. Sets out qualifications for licensure as a naturopathic physician, fees that may be charged by the Board, and the Board's disciplinary authority. Permits criminal record checks for licensees and persons seeking licenses. Creates a six-member Advisory Council to assist the Board in administration of the licensing program, with member terms beginning July 1, 2016.