Bill Summary for S 821 (2015-2016)

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May 9 2016

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Senate Bill 821 (Public) Filed Monday, May 9, 2016
Intro. by Hartsell.

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Bill summary

Amends GS 14-159.3(a1) concerning duty of care for the operation of all-terrain vehicles on private land, making technical changes to make language non-gender specific. 

Amends GS 14-208.6, the definitions section for the Sex Offender and Public Protection Registration Programs, to specifically add a reference to GS 14-27.24 (first-degree statutory rape) in the definition of sexually violent offense.

Makes clarifying change to the catchline of GS 20-171.24, which now reads as Motorized all-terrain vehicle use by municipal and county employees permitted on certain highways (was, Motorized all-terrain vehicle use by employees of listed municipalities and counties permitted on certain highways). 

Amends GS 28A-2-4, concerning subject matter jurisdiction of clerks of superior court in estate proceedings, making technical corrections and specifying that in special proceedings clerks of superior court also lack the jurisdiction as specified in this section.

Amends GS 28A-2B-2 concerning venue for estate proceedings, providing that venue is the county where the petitioner whose will or codicil is the subject of the petition resides (was, where domiciled).

Amends GS 28A-19-5(b) concerning certain contingent or unliquidated estate claims, making a clarifying correction.

Amends GS 31B-1(a) concerning property rights, providing that permissible appointees or takers in default under a power of appointment exercised by a testimentary instrument or a nontestimentary instrument can also renounce at any time, in whole or in part, the right of succession to any property or interest.

Amends the catchline for GS 108A-70.21, which now reads Program eligibility; benefits; enrollment fee and other cost-sharing; coverage from private plans (was, Program eligibility; benefits; enrollment fee and other cost-sharing; coverage from private plans; purchase of extended coverage plans). Makes an organizational change. 

Amends GS 146-9(b)(4) concerning the disposition of mineral deposits in state lands not under water, making a technical correction.

Amends GS 153A-340(h) concerning temporary moratoria on county approval of development, deleting duplicative language. 

Amends GS 160A-332(a) concerning electric service inside corporate limits, updating a cross-reference.

Amends GS 160A-372(e) and (f) concerning content of subdivision control ordinances, making technical changes. 

Amends Section 7.1 of SL 2014-107, adding language that provides that Section 5.1 of this Session Law, which clarifies that the common law rule against accumulations no longer applies to trusts, applies to all trusts created before, on, or after the effective date of the act. This change is effective retroactively, effective August 6, 2014.