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Sep 24 2015

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Senate Bill 513 (Public) Filed Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Intro. by Brock, B. Jackson.

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Bill summary

House committee substitute makes the following changes to the 6th edition. 

Deletes amendments to GS 106-2.3, which established policy supporting sustainable agriculture. 

Adjusts the amendment to GS 20-118(c)(12) to expand an exception to road weight limitations for agriculture, dairy, and crop products to include products traveling from a holding facility (was, from a farm only) and those traveling to a feed mill (was, to a processing plant or market only). 

Amends proposed GS 121-39A to remove the word "substantial" from its title and body and to make other changes, as follows. Includes new subsection (a) stating that easements secured by the Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund or any secured with federal funds where at least one party to the agreement is a public body of the State may not be modified or terminated for the purposes of economic development. Changes the conditions for modification or termination of a conservation agreement where at least one party to the agreement is a public body of the State to require a conservation benefit analysis and to allow modification or termination only if the analysis concludes that it results in a greater benefit to conservation. Requires the analysis to be reported to the Council of State before the Council votes on the final decision to modify the agreement.

Removes proposed GS 106-549.97, which relates to the transfer of the captive cervid program to the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Adjusts the amendments to GS 113-272.6 and removes the authority of the Wildlife Resources Commission (Commission) to regulate importation of cervids and prohibits importation altogether. Removes references to hunt facilities as defined by USDA Standards and a definition of non-farmed cervid. Makes the sale of antlers, antler velvet, or hides from captive cervids by the Wildlife Resources Commission permissive instead of required. Retains the authority of the Commission to adopt rules for fencing, tagging, record keeping, and inspection of captive cervid facilities and to issue captivity permits. No longer deletes GS 106-549.98 concerning the inspection fees for facilities that perform slaughtering, rendering or similar services.

Deletes amendments to GS 62-133.8(e), which governs out-of-state swine waste. 

Moves an amendment to GS 143-215.94B (concerning the Commercial Leaking Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund) from GS 143-215.94D (concerning the Noncommercial Leaking Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Cleanup Fund) pertaining to claims for third-party damage from noncommercial underground storage tanks.

Removes sections that established a Renewable Energy Economic Development Study Committee. 

Includes a new section to allow alternative forms of documentation for participation in certain agricultural cost-share programs. Amends GS 106-850(b)(10) and GS 139-60(c1) to replace documentation requirements with a requirement that the applicant meets the definition of a bona fide farm in GS 153A-340(b)(2). 

Makes technical changes. 

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