Bill Summaries: S793 (2021)

  • Summary date: May 25 2022 - View summary

    Directs the Revenue Laws Study Committee to study the application of sales tax on delivery services for food, prepared food, and tangible personal property to a consumer to determine whether the current sales tax model can be improved by moving to a fixed excise tax amount, and whether the revenue generated from the existing or another model should be deposited in the Highway Trust Fund, in whole or in part, rather than the General Fund. Directs the Committee to report to the 2023 NCGA. 

    Amends GS 105-164.44M to require the Secretary of Revenue to quarterly transfer a percentage of the net proceeds collected from the general sales and use taxes imposed under Article 5 of the Chapter to the Highway Trust Fund, with the transferred percentages gradually increasing from 2% in 2022-23, to 4% in 2023-24, and to 6% in 2024-25 and thereafter.

    Effective July 1, 2022.