Bill Summaries: S730 (2017-2018 Session)

  • Summary date: May 21 2018 - View summary

    Enacts GS 115C-270.6, directing the Section Chief of the Licensure Section of the Department of Public Instruction (Section Chief) to provide Licensure Section staff responsible for any component of the administration and processing of professional educator license application with a cross-training program between Section service areas. Provides that the primary goal of the cross-training program is to ensure seamless and timely service to applicants, but provides five other specific, minimum goals of the program, including that applicants receive consistent information from all Section staff on the licensure process and application status.

    Requires the Section Chief to report to the Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee on the implementation of the cross-training program and the outcomes of the program by March 15 of each year. Specifically requires the report to include the processing times of applications, improvements in staff efficiency, and licensure applicant satisfaction levels with administration.