Bill Summaries: S4 (2016 Extra Session 5)

  • Summary date: Dec 21 2016 - View summary

    Senate amendment #3 makes the following changes to the 1st edition.

    Amends the introduction language found in Section 2, "Six-Month Cooling-Off Period", to read "Cooling-Off Period.

    Deletes all language found in the effective date clause of the act, replacing it with language that states that the act is effective when it becomes law, with Section 2, the "Cooling-Off Period" provision, expiring 30 days following the adjournment in 2017 of the 2017 General Assembly for more than 30 days jointly, as provided under Section 20 of Article II of the Constitution. 


  • Summary date: Dec 21 2016 - View summary

    Repeals SL 2016-3 (Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, commonly known as House Bill 2) and SL 2016-99 (Restore State Claim for Wrongful Discharge, which amended House Bill 2).

    Enacts a six-month cooling-off period wherein no local government can enact or amend an ordinance that regulates employment practices or that regulates public accommodations or access to restrooms, showers, or changing facilities. Expires 180 days after this act becomes law.