Bill Summaries: H824 (2023-2024 Session)

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    House committee substitute to the 1st edition makes the following changes. Deletes repeal of GS 115C-270(a)(4a)b. Instead amends that section as follows. Makes the limited license renewable instead of nonrenewable. Deletes provisions pertaining to a provisional out-of-state license. Makes requirements for in-state provisional licenses more broadly applicable. Now requires that applicants fulfill both of the following requirements (was, either of these requirements): (1) the individual was issued an initial professional license (IPL) or residency license (RL), but failed to fulfill examination requirements under GS 115C-270.15 after three years of licensure and (2) the local board of education submits to the State Board an affidavit stating that the teacher is currently employed by that local board, is an effective teacher, and will be encouraged to continue to pursue a continuing professional license (CPL). Deletes proposed new subsection GS 115C-270.20(e). Amends GS 115C-270.25 (out-of-state license applicants) to delete requirement that applicants provide evidence of teacher’s effectiveness. Requires the State Board of Education to grant a CPL to a teacher licensed in another state with substantially similar licensure requirements who has at least three years of teaching experience and is in good standing with the other state.

    Amends GS 115C-270.30(b), by requiring the rules for continuing licensure for teachers to include for a teacher renewing a limited license, an affidavit from the employing local board of education signed by both the principal and superintendent for the school to which the teacher is currently assigned. Sets out three items that must be included in the affidavit concerning employment and effectiveness. Specifies that for limited license renewals that occur on or before July 1, 2025, the State Board of Education must only require the teacher to meet the licensure renewal requirements in new GS 115C-270.30(b)(6).

    Amends the act's titles.

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    Substantively identical to S 177, filed 2/28/23.

    Creates a system for granting continuing professional licenses to teachers with at least three years of experience and out-of-state licenses in good standing from states with substantially similar licensure requirements through new subsection (e) in GS 115C-270.20. Repeals GS 115C-270.20(a)(4a)b (concerning limited licenses for out of state licensees) and GS 115C-270.25 (concerning out of state continuing professional teaching license applicants).