Bill Summaries: H552 (2017-2018 Session)

  • Summary date: Apr 4 2017 - View summary

    Amends the process for becoming a licensed general contractor as found in GS 87-10, requiring first that an applicant submit an application before being entitled to an examination. Further requires any applicant to (1) be at least 18 years old, (2) possess good moral character, (3) provide evidence of financial responsibility, and (4) submit the appropriate application fee (previously, applicant only had to file an application for the examination on the correct form, at least 30 days before any regular or special meeting of the Board). Deletes other provisions related to an applicant's character. Also provides that the State Licensing Board for General Contractors (Board) must require an applicant to pay an examination fee not to exceed $100 (previously, the Board was permitted to charge the fee but not required). Makes organizational changes. Further provides that an applicant must identify an individual that has successfully passed an examination approved by the Board; provides that for the purposes of this section this individual is known as the qualifier or qualifying party. Set outs requirements for the examination if a qualifier or qualifying party wants to take an examination. Provides that if the qualifier or qualifying party passes the examination, and after review of the application and all relevant information, then the Board must issue a license to the applicant to engage in general contracting in North Carolina, which can be limited as specified (previously, the Board would conduct an examination, either oral or written, of all applicants for license for the classification of license for which an applicant has applied). Further amends the process for taking the examination, making conforming and organizational changes, creating a new subsection (c1) concerning the disconnection of a qualifier or qualifying party from the licensee, providing that the license will remain in full force and effect for 90 days. After 90 days the license is invalidated, but the licensee is entitled to a return to active status pursuant to all relevant statutes and rules from the Board. Provides that during the 90-day period, no licensee can bid on or undertake contracts from the time the qualifier or qualifying party ceased to be connected to the licensee until the license is reinstated (previously, in times where the examined person was disconnected from the applicant, the license was in effect for 90 days but then was canceled, with the applicant being entitled to a reexamination). Deletes provision which provided for reexamination for those failing to pass. Provides that the Board can require a new application if a qualifier or qualifying party requests to take an examination a third or subsequent time. Amends provisions concerning the validity and expiration of a license, providing that licenses expire the first day of January following their issuance or renewal (was, a certificate of license expired on the 31st day of December following its issuance or renewal). Deletes provision providing that renewals could be effected any time during the month of January without reexamination by payment of a fee to the Board. Adds language requiring all renewal applications to be submitted with a fee as specified. Deletes language requiring the Board to mail written notice of the amount of the renewal fees for the upcoming year by November 30. Adds language assessing a late fee for late renewal of applications received on or after January 1st (previously, late fee was assessed if received after January). Requires a licensee to fulfill all requirements of a new applicant as provided if desiring to be relicensed subsequent to the archival of license. Provides that archived license numbers are not reissued. Deletes language that provided that no renewal of a license can be effected after a lapse of four years. Effective October 1, 2017, and applies to applications for licensure submitted on or after that date.