Bill Summaries: H1022 (2021)

  • Summary date: May 23 2022 - View summary

    Requires the Commissioner of Labor to consult with the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Commissioner of Insurance, and the Department of Commerce in studying ways to increase the number of workers practicing the trades in the State's labor force. Sets out seven issues that must be addressed in the study, including the current process to become a worker practicing plumbing, heating and air conditioning, electricity, and welding and all licensure requirements for each of these disciplines, the projected needs of the State's labor force over the next five to 25 years in those trades, the current options for a high school student to become a worker practicing any of the trades in each of these disciplines, and the possibilities of establishing a high school program for students to opt to become a worker practicing the trades in one or more of these disciplines.

    Appropriates $250,000 from the General Fund to the Commissioner of Labor to contract with an independent third party to conduct research for the study required by this act. Requires the Commission to report to the NCGA by March 1, 2023.