Bill Summary for S 685 (2021-2022)

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Apr 8 2021

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Senate Bill 685 (Public) Filed Wednesday, April 7, 2021
Intro. by Edwards, Corbin, Burgin.

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Bill summary

Includes whereas clauses. Enacts GS 132-12, prohibiting any board or governing body of the State, its institutions, or political subdivisions, from adopting or enforcing any rule, regulation, or policy that requires: (1) an individual to disclose his or her contributions or donations to any nonprofit corporation (as defined by statutory cross-reference); (2) a nonprofit corporation to disclose its membership; (3) a nonprofit corporation to disclose the identity of person making contributions or donations to that nonprofit corporation; or (4) any list, record, register, registry, or compilation of data of any kind that directly or indirectly identifies a person as a member, supporter, or volunteer of, or donor of financial or nonfinancial support to, a nonprofit corporation. Provides a right of action for civil damages for property or personal injury resulting from violations of the statute, with damages permitted for the greater of  $2,500 or three times the amount of actual damages. Additionally allows for a person seeking damages to seek an injunction. Provides for venue; sets a three-year statute of limitations. Specifies that these rights and remedies are in addition to other legal rights and remedies. Allows the court to award attorneys' fees to the prevailing party. Excludes from the statute criminal investigations, court orders, and income tax reviews and investigations under GS Chapter 105. Applies to any rule, regulation, or policy adopted or enforced on or after October 1, 2021.