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Senate Bill 359 (Public) Filed Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Intro. by Jenkins.

Status: Ref To Com On Finance (Senate Action) (Mar 17 2011)

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S 359

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    Amends GS 20-63(b) to require the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), in consultation with the State Highway Patrol and Department of Correction, to develop a standardized format for special registration plates, which do not have to be a “First in Flight” plate. Requires the format to be easily read by the human eye and cameras. Requires a designated portion of the plate to be used for any unique design or logo representing a group or interest for which the DMV is authorized to produce a special plate. Deletes the 25 listed special plates. Amends GS 20-79.4 to (1) replace the requirement that the Autism Society of NC plate include the phrase “providing support, promoting opportunities,” with “Autism Society of North Carolina;” (2) remove the requirement that “HC” on the Hospice Care plate be located on the right side of the plate; (3) provide that the National Kidney Foundation plate include a phrase and logo representing, not selected by, the Foundation; and (4) provide that the NC Wildlife Habitat Foundation plate include the Foundation’s logo, removing specific detail about the plate’s design and the requirement that the plate be developed in consultation with the Foundation. Amends GS 20-81.12(a), concerning college insignia plates, to require that the plate’s color, design, and material be developed in consultation with the school’s alumni association (was, be approved by both the DMV and the alumni association).