• Summary date: May 20 2014 - More information

    Identical to S 738, filed on May 14, 2014.

    Amends GS 143-214.7(b2) to remove gravel from those items excluded from the term built-upon area. Also provides that the term does not include a slatted deck (was, a wooden slatted deck). Applies to projects for which permit applications are received on or after the date that the act becomes law. Requires the Environmental Management Commission (EMC) to amend its rules to be consistent with this definition of "built-upon area."

    Provides that the EMC and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), unless authorized by the General Assembly, do not have the authority to define gravel for purposes of implementing stormwater programs. Any rule adopted by the EMC or DENR defining gravel for purposes of implemeting stormwater programs is not and will not become effective.

    Requires the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at NC State University to study the extent to which different aggregate surfaces are pervious, impervious, or partially pervious. Specifies issues that must be included in the study. Requires an interim report to DENR and the Environmental Review Commission no later than September 1, 2014, and requires a final report no later than January 1, 2015. Requires DENR to use $110,000, of the funds available to DENR for 2013-15 to contract with the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at NC State University to conduct the study.

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