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  • Summary date: Apr 29 2024 - View Summary

    Identical to H 901, filed 4/24/24.

    Adds new section pertaining to the conveyance of real property with restrictions to Article IX of the Charter of the City of High Point, S.L. 1979-501, permitting the City Council, in addition to other authorized means, to approve the sale, exchange, or transfer of the entirety of or any lesser interest in real property, either by public sale or by negotiated private sale in furtherance of adopted City policies or plans for the area. Allows the City to encumber the property being sold in order to further those policies or plans for the area or to make the sale contingent upon necessary rezoning of the property. Permits the price of the property to reflect any of those restrictions. Allows for conveyances to be made only pursuant to a resolution adopted by the Council after at least ten days’ notice. Allows for bids or written proposals, including detailed development and site plans for the purchase of any such property or property interest.