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    Appropriates $10 million for the 2023-25 biennium from the General Fund to the Office of Violence Prevention in the Department of Public Safety to award competitive grants to local governments, law enforcement agencies, and nonprofit organizations to fund the development of community violence intervention programs in the communities served by the grant recipients. Defines community violence intervention program as a program that focuses on individuals at the highest risk of violence and uses prevention and intervention strategies to reduce violence and retaliation; specifies items that are included. Specifies that the funds remain available until the earlier of the date the funds are expended in accordance with the provisions of this act or July 1, 2026.

    Requires the Office of Violence Prevention to establish the procedures and criteria for awarding grants under this act and make the final decision about grant awards, subject to all of the following limitations: (1) requires funds to be awarded to recipients that serve communities located in municipalities with high levels of violence, to be determined as specified in the act; (2) requires grant applicants to identify the segment or area of the population it serves as having the highest risk of perpetrating or being victimized by violence and primarily use grant funds received under this grant program to provide violence intervention services to that segment or area of the population; (3) requires a law enforcement agency that applies for grant funding to only be eligible to receive funding if it provides the Office of Violence Prevention with a memorandum of understanding entered into with a non-law enforcement entity establishing how funds received under this grant program are to be used, including identifying non-law enforcement intervention strategies for which at least 50% of the grant funds received must be used. Prohibits applicants from receiving more than one grant under the program and caps the amount of a single grant at $5 million.

    Requires a report by December 1, 2023, and semiannually thereafter until all of the funds appropriated in this act have been expended, to the specified NCGA committee on the four listed issues related to the grant program. 

    Effective July 1, 2023.