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    Amends the definitions applicable to Article 9, Solid Waste Management, of GS Chapter 130A-290, as follows. Amends the definition of recovered material so that it includes post-use polymers and recovered feedstocks processed at an advanced recycling facility or held at such facility before processing; excludes these from the term solid waste. Amends the definition of solid waste management to specify that it does not include advanced recycling. Defines advanced recycling as a manufacturing process for the conversion of post-use polymers and other recovered feedstocks into basic raw materials, feedstocks, chemicals, and other recycled products through processes that include pyrolysis, gasification, depolymerization, catalytic cracking, reforming, solvolysis, chemolysis, and other similar technologies. Excludes from advanced recycling incineration of plastics or waste-to-energy processes. Amends the term solid waste management facility to exclude an advanced recycling facility. Defines an advanced recycling facility as a manufacturing facility that receives, stores, and converts post-use polymers and other recovered feedstocks it receives using advanced recycling. Adds and defines the terms depolymerization, gasification, post-use polymer, pyrolysis, recovered feedstock, and solvolysis.

    Authorizes the Revisor of Statute to make changes for putting things in alphabetical order, make conforming changes, and reserve space for future additions.