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    Includes whereas clauses.

    Enacts new GS 160A-499.6 prohibiting cities from adopting or enforcing ordinances, rules, or regulations that: (1) prohibit the use of residential property as a short-term rental; (2) prohibit the use of accessory dwelling units as short-term rentals; (3) limit the number of nights a property can be rented as a short-term rental; (4) require the owner of the short-term rental to occupy the property for any period of time during a rental to an occupant; (5) classify short-term rentals as a commercial use; or (6) limit the operation of a short-term rental marketplace. Allows a city to adopt an ordinance, rule, or regulation that regulates short-term rentals by: (1) requiring a lodging operator to obtain a permit to operate a short-term rental within the city's corporate limits and allows revocation of the permit for specified reason, and allows charging a permit fee; (2) as part of the lodging operator permitting process, limiting the number of occupants allowed to stay in a short-term rental; (3) as part of the lodging operator permitting process, restricting the number of occupant vehicles to one per bedroom; (4) restricting the location of short-term rentals to areas of the city zoned for residential use, and requiring that the property remains in compliance with residential zoning requirements; (5) requiring that short-term rentals comply with all applicable city ordinances and codes, including building codes and housing codes; (6) requiring that all contracts for short-term rentals include a copy of any city ordinances regulating noise, waste removal, and parking or, in the alternative, that the lodging operator provides to the occupants a written summary of those ordinances; (7) prohibiting the use of short-term rentals for any purpose other than that which is allowed in hotels, motels, and inns without the property owner's prior approval; or (8) requiring a lodging operator or authorized agent of a lodging operator be within a 50-mile radius of a short-term rental during the time that an occupant is staying in a short-term rental.

    Defines short-term rental as all of the following that are offered to the public for a fee and for 90 days or less: (1) an individually or collectively owned single-family house or dwelling unit; (2) a unit in a condominium, timeshare, townhome, or accessory dwelling unit; and (3) an owner-occupied residential home. Also defines lodging operator and short-term rental marketplace.