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  • Summary date: Mar 16 2023 - View Summary

    Amends GS Chapter 143 by enacting new Article 3I, pertaining to protecting judges’ personal information. Defines immediate family member, personal information, and public record. Upon written request of a judge or the immediate family member of a judge, requires each State agency, department, and institution and each clerk of court, register of deeds, and other local government official responsible for public records to redact or omit the judge's personal information from a public record, and from any online public database, under the entity's or official's control. Defines judge as any current or retired justice, judge, or magistrate of the General Court of Justice of North Carolina; also includes a current or retired federal court justice, judge, or magistrate residing in this State. Amends GS 132-1.2 (pertaining to confidential information barred from disclosure under State public records law) to include records that reveal the personal information of judges and their immediate family members protected under Article 3I of GS Chapter 143.