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  • Summary date: Apr 5 2023 - View Summary

    House committee substitute to the 1st edition makes the following changes. Revises defined term dangerous dog to also mean any dog owned or harbored primarily or in part for the purpose of dog fighting, or any dog trained for dog fighting, that an animal shelter receiving the dog determines to be unsuitable for adoption after an assessment performed pursuant to GS 19A-32.1(b) (shelter holding periods) or GS 19A-70(d), in addition to other prong of definition. (Prior version deleted reference to dog fighting in definition of dangerous dog.) Makes organizational changes. Amends GS 19A-70(d) (pertaining to care of animals subjected to illegal treatment) to require an animal shelter to determine whether a forfeited animal is suitable for adoption and whether adoption can be arranged for the animal. (Currently, just permits shelters to make adoption assessment.)

  • Summary date: Mar 9 2023 - View Summary

    Amends GS 67-4.1 (Dogs, definitions) by removing a dog owned or trained primarily or partially for dog fighting from the definition of a “dangerous dog.”
    Amends GS 67-4.5 (Dogs, local ordinances) by requiring local government programs for the control of dangerous dogs to be consistent with the provisions of Article 1A of Chapter 67 of the General Statutes (Dangerous dogs).
    Effective October 1, 2023.