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  • Summary date: Mar 7 2023 - View Summary

    Enacts new GS 160D-1207.1 allowing an inspection department to inspect a property to determine whether a safety hazard in fact exists when a complaint is filed with the inspection department by one or more residents charging there is a safety hazard that poses an immediate threat to the occupant in a dwelling unit within the department's jurisdiction because of an unsafe, unsanitary, or otherwise hazardous or unlawful condition in the dwelling unit. Gives members of the inspection department a right to enter on any premises within the department's jurisdiction at all reasonable hours for the purpose of inspection, upon presentation of proper credentials. Provides that if the inspection department determines that a safety hazard posing an immediate threat to the occupant exists in a dwelling unit, the inspection department may also inspect, without a specific complaint or actual knowledge of the unsafe condition, any additional dwelling units owned by the owner of the dwelling unit in the jurisdiction to determine whether that same safety hazard exists. Also allows such inspection if the owner has a history of three or more violations on a dwelling unit under this statute within a 12-month period. Allows the unit owner to appeal to the specified entities. Requires fixing a reasonable time for hearing appeals, giving due notice to the owner, and rendering a decision within a reasonable time. Allows the board to reverse or affirm the action, wholly or partly, or modify the action appealed from, and may make any decision and order that in the opinion of the board ought to be made in the matter.