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  • Summary date: May 27 2022 - View Summary

    Amends GS 115D-9, which authorizes the State Board of Community Colleges (State Board) to delegate the powers granted to it with respect to the design, construction, repair, or renovation of buildings, utilities, and other State-funded property developments of the System requiring up to $4 million of estimated expenditure of public money. No longer limits the State Board's delegation authority to a community college qualified under its guidelines and approved by the State Building Commission and the Director of Budget, now requiring only that the community college be qualified under the State Board's guidelines. Deems delegated projects of less than $2 million excluded from the architecture and engineering duties of the Department of Administration (DOA) under GS 143-341(3), if the State Board determines that the college has the expertise necessary to manage the project, so long as the Office of State Construction's assistance has not been requested assistance. Additionally, limits the reporting requirements for the State Board regarding projects governed by the statute to those which are funded with at least $2 million of public money. 

    Revises the architecture and engineering duties of DOA for community college buildings under GS 143-341 to require DOA to examine and approve all plans and specifications for the construction or renovation of all community college buildings for which the State Board has submitted a written request for a project requiring less than $2 million of public funds expended, prior to awarding the contract, and changes made after the contract is awarded.