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    The following applies to the Town of Carolina Beach (Town) only. Empowers the Town to make, adopt, and enforce ordinances for the navigable waters within its municipal limits as they presently exist and as the Town limits may be extended by law in the future as to: (1) operation of boats and vessels, including restrictions concerning speed zones, no-wake zones, and types of activities conducted on the navigable waters within the municipal limits of the Town; (2) restrict the anchoring and mooring of boats and vessels as to location and to generally regulate anchoring and mooring of vessels within the navigable waters within the municipal limits of the Town; (3) place and maintain channel aids and markers, anchoring aids and markers, and navigational aids and markers in conformity with the US Aids to Navigation System and Wildlife Resources Commission rules; (4) make all reasonable rules and regulations as it deems necessary for the safe and proper use of the navigable waters; (5) provide for the enforcement of ordinances adopted under this authority. Provides that if there is a conflict between any local ordinance adopted under this act and the rules or regulations of the Wildlife Resources Commission, the Department of Environmental Quality, the US Coast Guard, or the US Army Corps of Engineers, the State or federal rule or regulation supersedes and prevails over the local ordinance to the extent of the conflict. Gives the Town's duly sworn law enforcement officers authority to enforce any local ordinances adopted under this act.