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  • Summary date: May 25 2022 - View Summary

    Section 1 provides background regarding initial inmate documentation processes of tracking prison inmates and youth offenders in NC Adult and Juvenile Justice Correctional Facilities. 

    Section 2 directs the Department of Public Safety, Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice (Division) to digitally standardize the logging of daily movements and activities of prison inmates and youth offenders. Sets an implementation schedule requiring implementation in four facilities by January 1, 2024, in one-quarter of facilities by January 1, 2025, in one-half of facilities by January 1, 2026, and full implementation by January 1, 2028. Establishes four criteria for implementation, including using radio frequency identification technology and support real-time business and artificial intelligence, and using information integrity and security with real-time digital documentation of prison inmates and offenders that meet five requirements such as monitoring inmate movement with facial recognition.

    Section 3 deems the Division the governing body for the act's implementation. Requires the Department of Information Technology (DIT) to report to and support the Division's implementation of the act within the implementation schedule given, which specifically includes conducting walkthrough assessments at facilities.

    Requires the Criminal Justice Information Network (CJIN) to work with the technology provider to identify the total cost of implementing the required technologies by 2027. Directs CJIN to report to the specified NCGA committees with the roadmap of digitizing documentation standardization required technologies within nine months of the date the act becomes law. Provides required content of the report. Directs the immediate transfer of all nonrecurring, unexpended or unencumbered funds appropriated in Part III, SL 2020-90 to CJIN, and limits use of the funds to development of the roadmap as directed by CJIN. Directs DIT to work with the technology provider of the required technologies to properly align specified accounting prerequisites for implementation, subject to management by CJIN.

    Enacts GS 143B-1395 to exempt CJIN from the requirements of Articles 3 (purchases and contracts) and 8 (public contracts) of GS Chapter 143.

    Section 4 appropriates $15 million from the General Fund to CJIN for 2022-23 to implement the transition required by Section 2 of the act. Effective July 1, 2022.